Section 56 and Section 57 approvals

Today is a day to celebrate for Eagle Mountain trails! In 2013 TORCA started the process of protecting and legitimizing the trails on Eagle. We have been through a lot of ups and downs, hours of meetings, stacks of paperwork and emails, and a lot of relationship building to prove ourselves to RSTBC and other stakeholders.

It is now OFFICIAL! TORCA has been given Section 56 and Section 57 approvals for all the mountain bike trails on Eagle Mountain, including trails previously not recognized in the network.

So, what does this mean?

1) You will see improvements on all the trails on Eagle Mountain.

2) Our builders will be able to work with TORCA to submit proposals for TTFs on some of our favourite historic Eagle trails like Massage Therapy, More Therapy, Woodburner, Four Lost Souls & The Dentist!

We also have a proposal in process for a brand new trail, which is acquiring an Archaeology Assessment and is under consultation with local First Nations.

So, enjoy Eagle and know that TORCA and our local builders are working hard to protect and enhance this trail network for the future.

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