Yesterday felt like we could have actually been in Mexico as BC was breaking records for the hottest May 5th. We might have broken our own record as 35 people came out to volunteer more than 150 hours of labour to the trails. That should definitely earn everyone some serious trail karma!

Physio was in pretty rough shape as it continued to see riders throughout the winter. Some of the soft spots were starting to get deep and root exposure was becoming troublesome in a few areas. We filled in the holes that were forming on either side of the new bridge on the lower section and pretty much laid new dirt on a 1/3 of the trail. Some sections were dug out and stabilized with rock and mineral soil and new dirt was added to some of the eroding steeps. In short, we accomplished a lot of work in half a day.  We wouldn’t say that the climb has been dumbed down but one of the trail builders summed it up well with “now there are no excuses …”

A lot of new and old faces came out and brought their skills, strong backs and love for the trails with them! Thank you to everyone for coming out instead of drinking beer (or mojitos) on the patio 🙂

Some people walked away with some pretty awesome swag so we’d love to give a special shout out to our awesome sponsor for the day:


Stay tuned for more trail news!

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