“I love hiking my bike up the WALL” – said no.one.ever

If you’ve always wanted an alternative route that connects to Physio, come and help us dig on December 15th and you’ll be working on a trail that does just that.

IMBY winds its way up the forest above the Fernway subdivision and drops out onto the fire road just above Physio. A good portion of the trail has been completed thanks to a handful of local trail fairies, but it definitely needs more work.

We’ll meet in the parking lot of Aspenwood Elementary (2001 Panorama Drive) at 10:00 am. We know this is Holiday Party season so we’re starting an hour later than usual.

Sign up here: http://goo.gl/G4Hjh7

It will likely be a chilly day so come prepared. We’ll be ready with a nice hot lunch for you 🙂

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