A sneak peak at the TORCA 2021 Survey Results.

With 401 people responding to the 2021 survey, we have a lot of data to analyze! But we didn’t want to keep you hanging, so here are a few highlights…

How often do you bike in the Tri-Cities? 

You are an active bunch!  Most said they ride 1-2 days a week (n=175, 43.6%), followed by those who ride 3-5 days a week (n=104, 25.9%). Eight of you are out there 6+days a week! 

As you are likely aware, our local trails are seeing unprecedented use this year as more people get outdoors.  This is both wonderful and challenging for the maintenance of the trails, protection of the environment and making sure all users are having positive, safe experiences. 

Where are you riding in the Tri-Cities? 

Burke, Eagle and Bert Flinn are getting most of your ride time, but you enjoy what other regions have to offer too!

Recording the ride

Strava is the most commonly used app to record rides (n=237, 59.1%) followed by Trailforks (n=120, 29.9%). Thirty percent (n=121) of you don’t record your rides. Other apps reported include Garmin and watch apps.  Some of you are using a combo of the above. 

Did you know that TORCA has access to Trailforks data for the trails we steward?  When you log your rides on Trailforks, it helps us gather data on trail usage.  We then use this data for things like advocacy with land managers, writing grants for further trail development; yet we only capture a fraction of the users through this source!  If logging your rides is an option for you, please help us out!

What can we do to improve our local trails? 

We asked you what we can do to improve our local trail networks.  Your responses suggest that while there are potential improvements to all areas, you are most satisfied with Bert Flinn as a riding area.  For Burke, you have asked for more climb trails, more signage and more parking.  For Eagle, more parking, more climbing and connector trails were the biggest issues.  

If you ride Burke Mountain, what improvements could be made to this area?
If you ride Eagle Mountain, what improvements could be made to this area?
If you ride Bert Flinn, what improvements could be made to this area?

What actions is TORCA taking? 

More information from the survey will be released as we complete the analysis and reports.  In the meantime, thank you again for your feedback, we are using it to help inform our work moving forward.  

TORCA has submitted signage and mapping proposals for all three areas and are awaiting approvals. We also have a vision for further trail development and stewardship.  For Bert Flinn, we are working with the City of Port Moody and the local builders to assume stewardship for more of the network…


We have submitted a proposal for a new trail with Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC). As part of this proposal we had to complete an archeological assessment of the area. The results have been submitted and are currently under review. We hope to be able to start putting shovels in the dirt by the summer.

We are also working with the City of Coquitlam on improving parking at the east side of Eagle (at the end of Eagle Mountain Drive) and are also discussing options for a new blue climbing and green descending trail in this area.


TORCA has submitted a proposal to BC Parks to install trail signs and a map at the kiosk by the yellow gate. If approved we will be able to apply for a grant to cover a large part of the cost.

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