TORCA has also been able to bring another new to you trail under our agreement. It’s an existing trail on Eagle that has been brought up to standards. Expect to see Spencer’s Slabs on Trailforks in the coming week or two. The trail is mostly a natural line so it will not be wet weather friendly. This will preserve the “loamy goodness” for as long as possible.  Additional work will be continuing on the trail.

When is paperwork exciting?  When it means we get to build a new trail!!  TORCA will have paid contractors working on this build and we hope to have it open by Summer 2022!!

Last but not least, you will also see some double black features on Eagle. Our local builders have been submitting excellent proposals, which will allow for these authorized features to be built.

If you want to help support the costs of these builds, please consider purchasing a raffle ticket. Not only will you be helping to fund new trails, you may win a new bike!

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