Meet Andrew Ilaender of Johnston Meier Insurance & Realty

For this edition we reached out to one of our platinum sponsors. Andrew Ilaender is a partner at Johnston Meier Insurance & Realty on David Avenue in Coquitlam. They have been a great supporter for TORCA and offer fantastic service in our community.

How long have you been a TORCA member?

Johnston Meier Insurance & Realty have been a Torca sponsor since 2018.

What’s your favourite trail (TORCA trail and elsewhere)?

My favourite TORCA trail is Franks as I can ride from my house get a good ride down and be back home in an hour and a half! I also like to ride in Squamish and Whistler.

What is your most memorable ride and why?

Lord of the Squirrels….Riding up.

What bike do you ride?

Is it bad that I had to go check? Rocky Mountain Slayer 50.

If you could go anywhere to ride, where would you go?

I’m perfectly fine in my back yard:)

What has motivated you/attracted you to mountain biking What do you get from it?

I like the outdoors, exercise and the adrenaline rush. I’m actually not that great of a rider. Blue and easy black kind of guy.

Why are you a member of TORCA and what has motivated you to contribute?

It’s the least we can do to support our riding, hiking and running community. I do really appreciate all the people who are involved with TORCA as well as the trail builders.

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