Exciting times for Eagle Mountain! We are working to legitimize the trails! Read on for the details, the upcoming changes, and the reasons YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED about this.

Who’s involved?
Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC), TORCA, and Eagle Mountain Moto (EMM) are working TOGETHER to enhance the mountain bike and moto experience while minimizing user conflict on Eagle.

What’s happening?
We have a 1 YEAR OPPORTUNITY to show RSTBC what we can do! We’ll be removing old and unauthorized TTFs (Technical Trail Features), rebuilding features to meet current trail building standards, and creating a world-class mountain bike trail system.

Which trails?
We’ll be working on your favourites: IMBY, Physiotherapy, Eastbound and Down, Hammer Time, and Blue Line. AND! We’ll be revitalizing Manhandler, More Therapy, Three Little Pigs, and Shock Therapy.

Then what?
If we can prove ourselves, there are possibilities for future trail remediation AND TRAIL EXPANSION! We envision a future blue flow trail, technical trails, and an optional climbing route. This will all depend on our work, the relationship with RSTBC, and our community!

How can I help?
Glad you asked. Our trail fund is healthy and growing, and we are actively fundraising and applying for grants. Keep supporting TORCA, come to trail days, and be a part of this new phase for Eagle.

What else?
EMM will be working on the mountain too. Specifically, they have authorization to work on and ride Mistress. TORCA is aiming for this to be a mountain bike line in the future with rerouting and separate lines for motos and mountain bikes. Our vision still has the big log ride and the Tombstone drop!

We sure are. You’ll see old features continue being removed over the next months. And then, we’ll start building! Keep in touch, ask us if you have any questions, check out our newsletter and Facebook page for updates, and don’t forget to renew your memberships!

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