What's new on the trails?

Eagle Mountain

Updated on May 17, 2019

The Bloodline connector trail has been deactivated as per our agreement with Rec Sites and trails BC. We have expressed interest in opening this trail as a more intermediate descent option to Hammertime, but until we have official approval it is to remain closed.
For a fun, less rowdy option than Hammertime, the line that was created for the TORCA 500 race this week is super fun. Hang a right at the end of Eastbound and Down and follow the tracks!

Posted on March 10, 2019

After all this snow and ice the trails are finally starting to re-appear and we are all itching to get back on the bikes.

With night time temperatures still hovering around the freezing mark and day time temperatures warming up significantly, the trails are very vulnerable.

Please take a minute and have a look at the fantastic article about the freeze-thaw cycles and how they affect the trails.

Burke Mountain

Updated on February 1, 2019

The new exit for Frank’s is now open. Wesbild has put up signs directing you to the exit towards Harper Road.
TORCA has been consulting with BC Parks to have the mountain bike trails within the park boundary included in the upcoming Draft Management Plan for Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park. This would include the trails above Harper Road, starting at the yellow gate. BC Parks agrees that mountain bike trails will be part of this plan.
The trails below BC Park land include Frank’s, Dawg, Green Bastard, Ray Ray’s Fun Trail, Braap, Fluid, Flow & Hustler. These trails are on Wesbild Development’s land and are slated to be developed at some point in the future. TORCA has been working closely with Wesbild to ensure that riders are able to enjoy these trails for as long as possible.  Currently, it seems that these trails may remain for several more years. Wesbild feels that the trails will remain long enough that they invested time and money into building bridges and providing some labour toward the latest connector at the bottom of Frank’s. This new section of trail will allow riders to enjoy almost all of Frank’s, directing people onto the bottom of Hustler. With a short climb back up Hustler, riders will be able to exit the trail system at the exit onto Harper Rd (which is away from the hairpin corner). It is important for riders to respect that this is the only exit from the trails. 
Please do not exit through the construction area near the hairpin.

Eagle Mountain

Updated on January 22, 2019

TORCA currently holds a Letter of Understanding with RSTBC for trails on Eagle Mountain. This includes Physiotherapy, Shock Therapy, Psychotherapy, Full Pull, Massage Therapy, Woodburner, Manhandler, Three Little Pigs, Eastbound & Down, Hammertime, Fat Bastard and Little Bastard. More signage and maintenance will occur on these trails throughout 2019.
TORCA’s Section 56 Application for Eagle Mountain has passed all of the reviews and is currently being sent to Victoria for signing and completion. The trails within this application include Physiotherapy, Shock Therapy, Manhandler, Three Little Pigs, Eastbound & Down and Hammertime. Once completed, these trails will be in the provincial registry of approved trails.
RSTBC has contracted Ted Tempany of Dream Wizards to formulate an overall trail development plan for Eagle Mountain. This plan will be presented early in 2019 and TORCA will be looking at future new trail building possibilities and funding to undertake a large trail building project.
Specific upgrades to the current trails coming soon include a) completing the reroute around the swamp on Physiotherapy and b) Phase 2 of Manhandler: construction of TTFs.
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