What's new on the trails?

Eagle Mountain

Updated on May 31, 2021

Today is a day to celebrate for Eagle Mountain trails!
In 2013 TORCA started the process of protecting and legitimizing the trails on Eagle. We have been through a lot of ups and downs, hours of meetings, stacks of paperwork and emails, and a lot of relationship building to prove ourselves to RSTBC and other stakeholders.
It is now OFFICIAL! TORCA has been given Section 56 and Section 57 approvals for all the mountain bike trails on Eagle Mountain, including trails previously not recognized in the network.
So, what does this mean?
1) You will see improvements on all the trails on Eagle Mountain.
2) Our builders will be able to work with TORCA to submit proposals for TTFs on some of our favourite historic Eagle trails like Massage Therapy, More Therapy, Woodburner, Four Lost Souls & The Dentist!
We also have a proposal in process for a brand new trail, which is acquiring an Archaeology Assessment and is under consultation with local First Nations.
So, enjoy Eagle and know that TORCA and our local builders are working hard to protect and enhance this trail network for the future.

What do these Section 56 and 57 agreements mean for us?  The benefit of this process is two fold.   Firstly, the trails in the Section 56 are now in the Provincial registry of trails and identified as “established” which gives them protection for the future.  Secondly, this process has shown RSTBC that TORCA is a responsible association that is able to work with other stakeholders on the mountain.  Because of this cooperation with RSTBC and the other user groups on the mountain, RSTBC is applying on behalf of TORCA and Eagle Mountain Moto (who also obtained a S56 for their trails) to provide us with a Section 56 Polygon.  This would give our groups stewardship of all of Eagle Mountain, not just selected trails.  With a S56 Polygon in place, we are then in a position to expand the trail network on the mountain.

Phase 1 of the expansion is already in the works!  We are planning for a new staging area, a new climbing trail and a new machine built,  blue level descending trail.  These new trails would tie into the existing trail system.  Other phases would look at expanding the trail network elsewhere on the mountain.

Posted on March 10, 2019

After all this snow and ice the trails are finally starting to re-appear and we are all itching to get back on the bikes.

With night time temperatures still hovering around the freezing mark and day time temperatures warming up significantly, the trails are very vulnerable.

Please take a minute and have a look at the fantastic article about the freeze-thaw cycles and how they affect the trails.

Burke Mountain

Updated on February 27, 2020

TORCA has been consulting with BC Parks to have the mountain bike trails within the park boundary included in the upcoming Draft Management Plan for Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park. This would include the trails above Harper Road, starting at the yellow gate. BC Parks agrees that mountain bike trails will be part of this plan.

The trails below BC Park land include Frank’s, Dawg, Green Bastard, Ray Ray’s Fun Trail, Braap, Fluid, Flow & Hustler. These trails are on Wesbild Development’s land and are slated to be developed at some point in the future. TORCA has been working closely with Wesbild to ensure that riders are able to enjoy these trails for as long as possible.  Currently, it seems that these trails may remain for several more years. Wesbild feels that the trails will remain long enough that they invested time and money into building bridges and providing some labour toward the latest connector at the bottom of Frank’s.

Thanks to all the builders who keep the Burke trails running great! Also, TORCA will be holding several trail days on Burke this year so stay tuned!

Port Moody

Updated on February 27, 2017

TORCA holds an agreement with the City of Port Moody for trails below the power lines on Eagle and trails in Bert Flinn Park.  More signage has been installed in these trail networks and we are working with the City of Port Moody to have a kiosk installed in Bert Flinn with a map of all the trails.  Maintenance is ongoing on the trails.  TORCA continues to hold trail days to assist the local builders, where possible.

City of Coquitlam

Updated on February 27, 2017

TORCA has been advocating for some beginner trails in the Tri-Cities and Riverview Forest seemed like a logical location, across from the skills park. The City of Coquitlam recently expanded the trails available. The new trails in Riverview Forest have been opened but were substantial damaged by heavy downpours in January. We were happy to see the City rapidly responding to this situation by repairing and re-opening the trail system within a matter of days.

TORCA is also advocating for a pump track to be built within the City. Currently, the City is drafting their Master Trail Plan and cannot commit to a pump track until this plan is developed.  We will continue to pursue this project.


Updated on February 27, 2020

TORCA continues to communicate with Anmore regarding the trail network in Anmore.  It is a complicated area as the trails span land controlled by many different land managers including Anmore, Metro Vancouver, RSTBC, BC Hydro and private land owners.

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